Devil's Kink
Physical and/or emotional comfort that is provided after a scene. Aftercare can be helpful to avoid "drop".
Age Play
A form of play between consenting adults where one takes an older role, with another taking a younger role, such as daddy/daughter, regardless of actual ages.
Acronym for: Bondage, Domination, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism. Though, BDSM is informally used as an umbrella term for all forms of kink, especially physical/psychological power exchange and pain.
The practice of tying, binding, chainging, or otherwise restraining someone through various means.
One who is on the receiving end of a scene, such as the person being spanked. Often with less or no physchological component, as opposed to a submissive.
The punishment of a submissive, often for breaking a rule.
Breath Play
An act in which one controls the breathing of another. The means employed may include choking, holding of breath, the use of gas masks, hands over the mouth, bags over the head, tape, et cetera.
The magic that makes everything ok: uncoerced agreement (up front, and continuing throughout) of all parties involed to participate in an activity.
An outline of the rules, dynamics, and expectations that govern a BDSM relationship. When referred to as a contract, it is often written, but may be an oral agreement.
See dungeon monitor.
A male dominant.
A female dominant.
A female dominant.
The assertion of authority over another.
A person who has the authority over another in a relationship.
A power exchange dynamic dynamic in which a submissive sheds some autonomy to a Dominant.
A female dominant.
The emotional, physical, and/or visceral exhaustion that a bottom or even top may feel after an intense scene. Crying, shaking, and general sadness are common signs of drop.
A location or place where people gather to engage in bdsm scenes. Dungeons are often peoples homes, basements, public or private clubs, or rented spaces.
Dungeon Master
See dungeon monitor.
Dungeon Monitor
One who supervises the scenes occuring in a dungeon to ensure the safety and consent of the particpants and enforce.
Edge Play
A subjective term referring to activities that are generally considered to be particularly intense, dangerous, or disgusting. It may often include breath play, branding, or shit.
The area of protocol governing social interactions. It can be between within a D/s dynamic, but often used in respect to inter-relationship (often public) dynamics. This can include handshakes between dominants, Dom/sub communication (within or outside a relationship), and also non-verbal communication, such as collars, clothing, and posture.
An interest in a particular act or object that may border on sexual obsession.
Fetish Wear
Clothing of a nature related to a particular fetish based on material or design. Common fetish wear includes leather, latex, uniforms, or other costumes.
Gender Play
A form of play in which one takes on the role of different gender.
Hard Limit
A limit or constraint on an activity in one which will not engage in under any circumstance and it is not up for negotiation.
Impact Play
An activity that primarily involves striking someone's body with an implement such as a paddle, whip, flogger, or even a hand or other implement.
A sexual affectation that is considered a deviation from the norm. Not vanilla.
The person who has command over a slave in a master-slave dynamic.
A somewhat more extreme power exchange dynamic than Dominant/submissive.
One who enjoys experiencing pain or humiliation.
A meet-up usually in a public place where people can get vetted for parties and discuss their kinks.
The act of engaging in BDSM. See also scene.
Play Party
A gathering of of people with the intent to engage in BDSM activities.
A prescriptive set of rules and code of conduct governing behavior in both private dynamics as well as public etiquette.
A formal sequence of actions performed to elicit reverence, meditative thought, and to set the tone of a scene as much as its practical function.
When one takes on a different role/persona or otherwise act in a way divergent from reality. Common themes include doctor/nurse/patient, boss/employee, or police/citizen.
Safe Word
A word agreed upon between participants in a scene that if uttered will stop all activities immediately.
A ubiquitous form of safewords based on the common traffic light.
  • Red - Stop the scene immediately.
  • Yellow - Approachign limit, slow down, turn it down a notch. Check in.
  • Green - Everything is good.
  • Beige - (sometimes added) - I'm bored. Harder. Faster. Try something else.
The act of engaging in negotiated BDSM activities. Often used as a noun and verb.
Soft Limit
An activity in which someone will participate in under certain circumstancess that can be negotiated.
Sadism and Masochism
BDSM activities that focus on the exchange of pain and humiliation.
Sadism and Masochism
One who enjoys infliction pain and/or humiliation on another.
Safe, Sane, and Consensual
Precepts governing the behaviour of BDSM practices to provide some physical and ethical safety.
Safe, Sane, and Consensual
One who gives up total control to a master over parts of one's life.
The act of giving up one's own physical, emotional, or sexual autonomy to another.
One who offers their submission to another (usually a dominant).
One who enjoys taking the role of a top as well as a bottom in BDSM scene.
Generally, one who performs acts on another in a BDSM scene.
Topping From the Bottom
When a bottom attempts to exert control over or micromanage a scene in spite of what was negotiated.
A relationship dynamic that persists continously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Often D/s or M/s.
Plain or without fetishes, kinks, BDSM, or roleplay.